Since I was young I was always fascinated with books. Every week I went to the library and used all of my family’s subscriptions to take books for me. I would walk home reading (bumping my head from time to time on some mysterious post that would insist to stand in my way), usually finishing a big chunk of the first book before even getting home.

When I grew a little I developed a method of choosing the books – I started at the first shelf from the bottom on the left side, and worked my way from there to the right upper shelf. When I finished the young adults’ books I went on to the grown-ups books without hesitation.

I always knew that someday I will write my own stories, I told myself stories from a very young age, but it took me a lot of years before I wrote something that I wanted to share with anyone but my family.

Rhoda was created while I was sitting long hours, at a very quiet place without an internet connection. The things that we can do if we have empty time and space can be amazing.

I didn’t know Rhoda before I started writing about her, and I never knew what is going to happen to her while I wrote. I sometimes found myself laughing at what I wrote because I didn’t expect what had happened there. I still don’t know what the future stores for her, but every time I sit down to write – another piece of her story is uncovering itself to me.

I would (of course) love you to know her too..







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