How to preper to life?


Another part of the 17th chapter

This morning Rhoda could allow herself to wander and think. She already discovered that the island was far from any other place. She had an opportunity once, to circle the island, on one of the times the pirates were gone for almost three days. During her whole trip around the island Rhoda kept watching the sea carefully to see if they are coming back, and whether there are other islands neighboring this one. She saw no island, and no ship was seen for as far as the furthest horizon.

Rhoda tried to study and get to know the inner parts of the island, and thought more than once, how lucky she was that she had to learn to recognize the strangest and oddest plants and their uses, when she was still at her parents’ home. Otherwise she would have probably starved, or would have to eat the sickening food of the pirates.

Every time she remembered her parents’ home, a bitter smile came to her lips. Yes, they definitely prepared her for the life that awaited her. She could be the servant that you pride yourself on, in front of guests. The kind whose education testifies to its owners’ good taste. In their wildest dreams about what her future held for her – they never thought about this option.


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