On the pirates’ island


Another part of the 17th chapter


Rhoda wandered along the coast of the pirate’s island, very early in the morning. She already cleaned all their night pots, and had time to go around the forest for a while and eat the fruit that grew in it. The night before, the pirates drank and behaved savagely until very late, and when they fell asleep it was, as usual, because of their drunkenness and not because of their tiredness. Her experience taught her that after a night like yesterday, the pirates will sleep until a very late hour of the day, and will wake up, the lot of them, irritable like wasps and ready to fight over every small thing. After nights like this, she made sure that anything they might connect to her, will be in the right state. And even things that weren’t necessarily connected to her. Whatever needed washing – was washed, and whatever needed to be put in its right place – was in its right place. The food leftovers – arranged in an attractive way on the table, so they will be able to start eating as soon as they wake up, and pitchers full of beer – so they will be able to start drinking, even before they started looking for her. She learned that this is the way things must be, as a result of quite a few very unpleasant incidents that she had gone through.

At first, when she was certain that in no time a ship will come to free her; she didn’t tend to cooperate with the pirates’ orders at all. She was angry and threatened them. They simply laughed in her face. When they ordered her to clean the night pots the first time, she said proudly “Me? What are you thinking to yourselves?” As a response, they simply emptied the night pots on her head, while saying, one after the other “This is what happens to anyone who disobeys us!” while she stood there, screaming and vomiting with disgust in all the scum. That was the last time Rhoda refused to clean the night pots. She learned the rest of her duties in a similar way, until she realized that no one is going to come and save her.

On the same day that Rhoda understood that no one is going to save her, she started to plan options of escape. She used the pirates’ hours of drunkenness and their days of absence, when they sailed their ship, to better know the island. At first, some of the pirates wanted to take her along on their voyages, because they wanted to have someone to sport with on the way. But the blond said – No. He thought that she had to be kept in a good condition for them to be able to get a good price for her. During their raids on ships, she might have been damaged in the heat of battle, and then her cost would drop dreadfully. Her body had to be kept whole. That gave her a lot of quiet and lonely hours, promised that she will not be beaten too hard, and kept them from doing her anything that will leave marks on her body. The rest of the girls that were with her, were sold long ago in the slave markets. For her the pirates hoped to earn a fortune, and that’s why they intended to take her to the largest city in the richest country, and to offer her privately to the most important people there. They knew that most of the city’s people will not be interested in the place where she came from, only her looks and education counted. Since they reached that town only rarely, selling her was delayed for now.


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