Being in plaster


The end of the 15th chapter

“I don’t understand.” Said Rhoda again. “All this time, and it sounds like a long time, the ring was not in the hands of any person. So who ruled you? Who took care that the rules will be kept and justice will be done?”

“We were imprisoned, your majesty.” Mee repeated saying. “There was no need of judges or a ruler; we could have done nothing except be alive, and even that – only barely.”

Rhoda suddenly felt very tired. She heard too many surprising things for one evening and felt she needed time to digest, both dinner and the things she have heard. She only needed to check one small thing before she went to sleep.

“I need the ring to be on my finger to rule you?”

“It will be more accurate to say that we need that the ring will be on your finger so that you will rule us, your majesty.” answered Mee with emphasis. “It is a thousand times better for us to have a ruler, than to be locked in the ring.”

“I think I will go to sleep now.” said Rhoda to Mee. “I need to think about what you have told me today.”

“The tent and the bed are ready, your majesty.” said Mee. “Good night.”

“Good night” said Rhoda and went inside the tent to sleep. She went into bed and closed her eyes, but the thought about the ring that made her the queen of the demons troubled her, and kept her awake for a long time before she fell asleep…

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