Who is the demons’ king?


The end of the 14th chapter

“You have seen what things we can do, your majesty.” Mee answered simply.

Rhoda didn’t understand.

“What do the things you can do have to do with your hiding?”

“Just imagine, your majesty” said Mee with a silent sigh, “that there is a king who wants to build himself grand palaces, or go to war with a neighboring country. If he could obtain one of us who learned enough, then he would use the demon’s abilities for all kinds of things. If it was common knowledge – that we exist and that we have this kind of abilities – we would have not one moment of peace. Every king would have tried to kidnap one of us, or would have fought against us, trying to take hold of our abilities, and in any case we would not have one relaxed moment.”

“But your abilities make you strong enough to rule the world if you want. So why would you care? And actually, how is it that you really do not rule the world with these abilities of yours?”

“We have a prohibition of even ruling ourselves, your majesty.” said Mee, and this time she didn’t even try to hide her sigh.

“But you told me that you have a king and a royal family? If he is the king but you can’t even rule yourself, then I don’t understand anything.”

“I have never said that we have a king! Your majesty.” said Mee punctiliously. “I told you things about the studies of the royal family, and this is something completely different!”

“If so, then who ruled you before I became queen?” asked Rhoda, more and more confused.

“No one, your majesty” answered Mee with a certain sound of bitterness in her voice. “There was no need for a king to be present, because we could do almost nothing except living, sort of.”

“I don’t understand.” said Rhoda. To keep saying that she doesn’t understand didn’t make her feel smart. Actually, she felt really dumb.

“Can you explain to me what exactly prevented you from ruling yourself?”

Mee hesitated a little before she answered. “It was not what, your majesty,” she said eventually “but whom.”

“Alright. Then who exactly prevented you from ruling yourself?” Rhoda corrected her question according to the instruction.

“King Solomon, your majesty.” said Mee and a grimace twisted her face. “He decided that our way of life was not legitimate, and imprisoned us in a ring.”

“How can anyone imprison you inside a ring?”

“I didn’t say he imprisoned us inside a ring, your majesty. I said he imprisoned us in a ring.”

“Isn’t it the same?”

As far as Rhoda’s memory went about what she learnt, in and inside were exactly the same.

“Maybe I should have said that he imprisoned us with a ring, your majesty, so that you will understand. But in reality he imprisoned us in a ring. The ring controls us in a certain manner. But not the ring itself, but the person who wears it.”

Rhoda glanced at the ring that was on her finger.

Mee saw her glance and nodded…

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