A parrot in the making


The beginning of the 14th chapter


After sitting quietly for some time, Rhoda started talking again.

“A parrot is a smart animal. Right?”

“A parrot is a smart bird and it lives a comparatively long life, your majesty.” answered Mee. “It can live up to a hundred and fifty years, if nothing happens to it before.”

“So I want a big green parrot – that means comfortable for my size – sized parrot.” said Rhoda. “I want it to be colored light green, with a little yolk yellow color at the tip of its wings and a red beak. And I want it to know how to speak. Not to mimic my words! It needs to know how to speak by itself.”

“Your wish will be done, your majesty.” answered Mee a little stiffly. “But you will have to wait until we get back to the palace, because, as I have told you, I could never reach the high level that is needed for that, in my studies. We will have to get to the palace and then one of the more accomplished demons will fulfill your wish.”

“What? Is there no demon living between where we are and the palace?” wondered Rhoda. She was certain that the whole country is filled with demons, living in different places, like it was in the kingdom that she had come from. If she is the queen here, then she ought to have subjects. And they should live somewhere in her kingdom. Indeed she remembered that through all of the days they were flying on Belshazzar’s back, they didn’t see any place where people lived, and no humanoid creature walking the earth beneath them. It was just that she didn’t understand the meaning of this absence before.

“All the demons live in far enough places so you will not see them, your majesty, and for that matter all the rest of the people either, if we can prevent it. You didn’t want to see anyone, and truthfully, we too, prefer not to be seen without a reason or a great need.”

“Why?” Rhoda knew approximately why she didn’t want to see anyone, but it wasn’t clear to her what reason could the demons have for wanting the same thing.

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