Maybe it’s not the right time


The end of the 13th chapter.

“If I want to have people in my kingdom, who will live here too,” said Rhoda, remembering suddenly that she didn’t see any settlements during the days that passed, and that she had specifically asked that there will be no one in her kingdom. “How can I do it? Bring people to live here, I mean.”

“You only need to ask, your majesty.” answered Mee. “But you should consider what kind of people you ask us to bring, and how will these people feel if they will suddenly find themselves in a place they don’t know, separated from all their family and their friends. You, of all people, are supposed to know that to a certain degree, because it seems that quite a similar thing happened to you.”

“It never occurred to me to kidnap people and force them to live here!” said Rhoda, Shocked. “What I meant to ask was – is there a way, not by kidnapping, to bring people to live here?” Rhoda thought that maybe she should trust Mee’s consideration, because Mee has learned a few thousand years more than she has.

“Your majesty can pass through the different countries that speak your language, or send envoys who will offer the people living there to come and live in your kingdom.” answered Mee. “You will have to be able to offer them something to attract them, something they lack where they live, and that there is here.”

It sounded quite exhausting to Rhoda. After their three day’s tour, she was tired of traveling, and all she wanted was to go back home. She definitely didn’t want to start roaming around the world on long journeys, just to be able to have someone to talk with. She also didn’t feel queen enough to send envoys from Mee’s people to talk in her name, and she wasn’t sure what can she offer to people, which will tempt them to come, and will make the people she was interested in come, and not others. So she decided to be content, for the meanwhile, with Mee as a companion.

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