What you can learn from a language


The 5th part of the 13th chapter. It is a long chapter…

“You must know all the kingdoms in the world and all of their languages, you have learned for so many years.” she said to Mee.

“I know kingdoms that don’t exist anymore and languages that were forgotten, your majesty, and languages that were never known to human beings as well.” answered Mee, a little bit more than what was asked from her. Rhoda thought that she bragged a little there, but she really had what to brag about. After all – to know so many languages was really something very significant.

“Is the language that I’m speaking one of the languages that you and the rest of the demons know?” asked Rhoda, who suddenly thought this might be a way to find out where has she come from and to shorten the length of her exile.

“Yes, your majesty. This is a language that is spoken in a very large number of kingdoms. It belonged to a migrating nation that were known to settle in a different area each time, to stay there long enough to establish villages and cities, to plant woods and fields and build workshops. After that, the people who were at their middle age – those who didn’t marry yet and who had no families, but were not little children anymore, would continue their way to the next place, to build a new settlement for themselves. They were not afraid to sail the great oceans or to cross the big desserts, because they were young enough to be stupid. And when they grew up a little, and got to a good place, they would build a new village there. It went on like that for hundreds of years. They erected hundreds of communities, which grew with time and became kingdoms, and all of those kingdoms have the same language spoken in them today, your language, with some variation or another.”

“That means” said Rhoda disappointedly “that you can’t discover the place that I came from according to the language I speak?”

“No, your majesty.” answered Mee decisively. “I will not be able, according to the language you speak, to discover from which country you came.”

Rhoda sighed. She hoped that she had got an elegant solution to the question, that will allow her to refute the astrologers prophesy and go back home long before the comet will come back. But that seemed to be the wrong way to get around it. How can anyone find the right country from hundreds of them? Even to get to each one of them will take her a lot of time. After that she thought that she was, in a sense, a lot like her ancient fathers, because when she was young enough not to be afraid, and young enough so as not to be married, she also crossed oceans to come to a good place, where she has a new kingdom of her own. It doesn’t have other people in it yet, but if she will succeed, she can make this place another country in which her language is spoken.

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