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Here is the 4th and almost last part of the 13th chapter.

The sun was close to the horizon, getting ready to go down and Mee was fast asleep. Rhoda looked around and searched for a appropriate landing place, that will have a comfortable place to build the tent on, and with nice greenery around it for Belshazzar to eat, and a stream for her night’s bath and for Belshazzar’s to drink and shower.

After a few minutes she saw a creek, very similar to the one they were in on the first night and told Belshazzar to land on it carefully. After they had landed, she understood she will not be able to unload the things from its back by herself, and the rapidly falling night frightened her a little too. That is why she touched Mee’s arm gently, and when Mee woke up she said “I can’t take the things down and light a fire and build the tent alone.”

Mee gave her a shocked look and said “But of course your majesty will not do these kind of things! This is our task, not yours!” and within a minute the tent was standing, the fire crackling and Belshazzar was near the creak drinking and showering alternately.

“You know, Mee, I dreamt about my parents’ house again. This time the dream happened before all the things I dreamt about until now, and my parents knew I would travel far when I grew up. Their astrologers told them about it long before we were born – me and my sisters! They knew that I will not always stay with them and they knew that it was connected to the coming of the comet! And because of it, I had to learn all kind of things that my sisters never needed to know, and I had to learn for a longer time than any of them.”

“Did you manage to remember anything about your family?”

“Yes! I had eight sisters and I was the seventh, not the smallest and not the eldest. I saw my mother in my dream, also. But I didn’t see my father, and I have heard more than I have seen my sisters in the dream. And in my dream I remembered their names, but now I don’t remember any name at all.”

Mee nodded her head and looked thoughtful, but she said nothing about what she thought. All that she said was “Your majesty wants to wash before dinner?”

Rhoda thought for a moment, she really felt sleepy and sweaty, so she said “I will go and wash in the stream first, and I would like a hot cooked dinner tonight.”

She took a towel and ran to the graying stream. It was a late evening hour, the sun has set a long time before, and only a scant gray after-sunset light filtered between the boughs to the stream. Rhoda decided to shorten her night’s dip and immersed herself in the water for just the minimum time that was needed to clean her from the scent of sweat and the heavy feeling she had from her sleep. Although her wash was very short, when she finished washing she had to grope her way on the streams’ bed in order not to fall.

When Rhoda came back towards the fire she felt very hungry, and she was happy to take the steaming soup that Mee offered her from her hand. During dinner she thought of nothing but the food, but afterwards she felt fresh and full, and wanted to talk.

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