The commet that would start it all


3rd part of the 13th chapter. Don’t forget you can get the whole ebook for free in the next four days… 

Rhoda looked at her mother with bright eyes.

“Have you always known that it was me? Even before I was born?”

“We have always known that it will be you. Even before you were born, we knew that the next baby to be born will be the one that will sail away. The astrologers told us when we got married that our seventh daughter will have to separate from us at an early age. They weren’t able to tell exactly at what age, and where will you go, but they told us to prepare you for a life in other countries and kingdoms. This is the reason why you need to know all the kingdoms there are, and to know how to behave properly in any place you will go to. You need to learn a lot of languages and not to be lazy in your studies, because if you are lazy, you might not get to learn all the things you need to know before you leave.”

Rhoda nodded and decided to try harder from now on, but after a few seconds consideration, a frightening thought popped into her mind and she asked her mother “If you don’t know when is it supposed to happen – that means that it will not be pre-organized, and then how am I supposed to get ready for that? And who will come with me when it happens?”

Her mother looked at her closely again before she answered.

“We know what is supposed to happen before. That way we will have time to get ready.”

“What is supposed to happen before?”

“The comet Destiny is going to be seen in our nights’ sky. That will be our sign.”

Rhoda relaxed and went back to think about the kind of journey that awaited her. She tried to imagine to which of the countries she learned about she will get to, and what kind of things will happen to her during her journey. After some time Rhoda got up from her place and told her mother “I am going back to the hammock to study.”

Her mother nodded, and Rhoda went back to her hammock and to her history book and read it with much more interest. The sun shifted in the sky and started to disturb Rhoda again in her eyes. She closed her eyes for a moment while shifting her position, to let her eyes rest for a moment, and when she opened them again was on her flying elephant.

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