Is it time for a new friend?


The end of the 11th chapter.
Rhoda tried to think what can she do while they were flying to make the time pass more pleasantly. Her eyes wondered without purpose in all directions, until they stuck on Belshazzar’s head. At first she only stared at his wide nape, but after some time it occurred to her that just as she asked for him, she might ask for all kind of strange animals, maybe ones that are easier to take care of. Maybe some kind of a dog or a cat, but with the qualities of a friend, or something that will have a face that looks more human. Rhoda couldn’t decide what exactly she wanted. A simple dog looked a little insulting near Belshazzar, but she couldn’t think of what can be asked for, that will improve the dog’s qualities for her, and at the same time will not make the dog (that was supposed to be a friend of hers) suffer from the change. Even for a cat, if Rhoda decided to ask for one, she didn’t know what changes will be better for her but also for it?
She decided not to decide yet, and suddenly felt how hungry she was. She felt another thing that surprised her a little. She wanted to be back home, and the home that she longed for was the palace, which made her feel awkward. She told Mee “I’ve had enough of this tour. I think to turn back ho… To the palace. How long do you think it will take us?”
“About two days, your majesty, if we turn back now.” answered Mee “I think that means we will have to sleep another two nights outside, because it is already after noon now.” But then she probably saw something in Rhoda’s face that made her say “Of course, if we do not land for lunch, and eat on Belshazzar’s back, and if we will continue flying until the sun will set today and tomorrow, there is a chance we could manage to go back by tomorrow night.”
Rhoda said “Belshazzar, I am really sorry, today you will have no rest. Please turn back ho… To the palace, and fly as fast as you can, until it becomes dark. You can rest at night, and eat and drink, but now I want you to progress as fast as you can.”
Belshazzar, without blinking, turned majestically away from the beach, and flew straight in the direction Mee had pointed, to be sure they will really get to the palace and not to some random point in the land of Kedem.

If you want to start reading the story from it’s beginning, go to “At the begining” that was published in 15/11/2014 and read on from there. If you want to have the book, the digital edition is at:


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