When you have nothing smart to say


The end of the tenth chapter.

“Mee. I told you to pack things for a two day trip. Two days have nearly passed, and there is no chance that we will go back today. What shall we do in the morning? How will we manage?”

Mee didn’t seem to be too worried.

“Today, when you slept, your majesty, I brought the things needed for at least two more days. But even if it will take a week, there is nothing to worry about.”

“Where did you bring the things from?”

“While you were sleeping, I got to the palace and brought them.” said Mee, as if ‘getting’ to a place that’s two days from where they were, and back, in such a short time, was nothing much to speak of.

“How did you manage that so quickly?” asked the (rightfully) astonished Rhoda.

“I have told you, your majesty, when you asked about the mountain palace, that when you are riding on camelback, it will take three weeks, and on the back of one of us, it will take only two days. So you surely understand, that if we go by ourselves we can do things quite quickly. But anyway, as it is, I hardly managed to come back before you woke up. You slept much less than what I have expected.”

Rhoda felt that she had nothing wise to say about that, so she remained quiet. She didn’t say anything when she ate the fish during dinner, apart from “More, please.” or “The water, please.”

It might be that Rhoda was quiet because she was very tired from swimming in the sea, or because she really didn’t feel she had anything wise to say or something that she felt inclined to know. Not long after sunset, she moved to the bed in the tent and after a sleepy “good night” that was answered with a very energetic “good night” from Mee, she fell asleep and had a heavy and dreamless sleep until morning.

If you want to start reading the story from it’s beginning, go to “At the begining” that was published in 2014/11/15 and read on from there. If you want to have the book, the digital edition is at: http://www.amazon.com/RHODA-AMNESIA-Demons-Fantasy-adventure-ebook/dp/B00K56EQ7C



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