Some things, sometimes, just can’t be explained


Some more of the 10th chapter, in which Rhoda has a question that Mee refuses to answer..

They turned to swim back in the direction Mee had pointed to, leisurely first, and then Rhoda decided to check which one of them was a faster swimmer, so she called to Mee and said “let’s compete to the beach!”

Mee nodded her head and both of them started swimming very fast. After some time Rhoda saw that Mee was very far in front of her and remembered the carnivorous fish again.

“Mee! Come back here! What if a carnivorous fish will come at me now?”

Mee turned back immediately and went back to swim at Rhoda’s side and Rhoda told her “You won. There is no doubt that you are a faster and better swimmer than me.”

Mee nodded and then pointed in the direction they were swimming. The beach was not far from them now and Mee said “Do you remember that carnivorous fish we were talking about, your majesty? It is waiting for us now, on the beach, to be eaten as dinner.”

“When did you manage to catch it and bring it to the beach?”

“It is not so much when, your majesty, it is more a matter of how.” answered Mee.

“What do you mean?” asked Rhoda. It seemed to her that Mee was trying not to answer, maybe even outsmarting her and being rude, and she didn’t like it, even one bit.

“I have learned every day for a few thousand years, your majesty, to be able to do all kinds of things. But in my studies, I have never learned how to explain to someone, who learned for less than ten years, all the things I have learned, and make them understand.” answered Mee seriously. “If I will try to explain to you, you will not even be able to understand the words, because they are in one of the languages that human beings don’t know. And they represent ideas that are so different from your way of thinking, that even if I knew how to translate them to your human language, they would have sounded nonsensical to you.”

Rhoda thought about what Mee said and was forced to admit that there was some sense in it. She went on swimming silently. After a few minutes they reached the shore, where – to her great pleasure – there was indeed a very big silvery fish lying near the tent. A few minutes later the fish was put and roasted on a campfire near the tent. (Behind the tent of course, to let the sea breeze carry the smoke away from it). Rhoda went to wash herself from the sea salt in the brook, got dressed, and then remembered.


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