Rhoda and Mee go for a swim


The beginning of the 10th chapter. Where a carnivorous fish is (almost) met with.


When Rhoda woke up from her slumber there was an afternoon sun – big and strong, but not as strong as it had been when they landed. She looked towards the sea that spread not far from her, and decided that she wanted to go for a short swim. When Rhoda called Mee, she came into the tent, a little short of breath. Rhoda told her what she wanted, and Mee turned to one of the cases and took out a bathing suit that was ornamented with the half-moons and the stars – that meant a bathing suit that was in her luggage that was saved from the sea. Suddenly it occurred to her that if these clothes are at least two years old, and she probably grew considerably in that period, or at any rate she must have grown at least a little during those two years, then it can’t be that they are the exact same clothes. So she asked Mee “How is it that my clothes are still good for me? Can it be that I didn’t grow all this time?”

“No, your majesty.” answered Mee “When you came to the mountain palace we took all of the clothes that were in the luggage and made you new clothes like them, but in your size. You couldn’t fit into any of them when we saved you. Your original clothes are being kept in the palace inside the box that contained them when we took them.”

“Oh!” said Rhoda and started running into the sea, but when the water reached her waist she stopped suddenly and shouted hysterically while turning around and starting to run towards the beach “Are there carnivorous fish in this sea?”

“Even if there were, your majesty,” called Mee to her “I shall swim near you and take care of them before they will even dream of touching you.”

“But if there is one near me now how will you be able to save me?” shouted Rhoda who was now in the water only up to her knees.

“No carnivorous fish can get so close to the shore, your majesty.” answered Mee calmly. “Here, I am joining you in the water.” and she went into the sea with her own swimsuit which was brown-earth color.

“But even if you are near me,” said Rhoda when Mee was near her, “What can you do against a carnivorous fish?”

“Just for example, your majesty, I could disassemble it into its components and make a stuffed carnivorous fish to ornament your tent. Or I can make it our dinner for tonight and roast it on the fire. There are many uses for any big fish that only wishes to devour helpless damsels.” answered Mee with a smile. Rhoda relaxed and the two of them started swimming, part of the time on their stomachs and part of the time on their backs. After some time, Rhoda tried to dive to the bottom, and when she discovered she couldn’t get to it, she understood they were very far from shore. Too far! She tried to see in which direction the shore lay, but could see only water in every direction she looked. She turned to Mee and asked her if she knew where the shore is, and in return Mee pointed her at a certain direction.

“Let’s go back.” said Rhoda “I’m afraid that if we will swim further from the shore I might not have enough strength to get back.”


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