Rhoda and Mee reach the sea


The beginning of the 9th chapter


The narrow line which was the sea yesterday became wider and wider, and filled the view in one direction. Beneath them, the stream which they slept near yesterday, was making widening curves as if it told itself ‘There is no need to hurry so much to get to the sea, I will get there in the end anyhow. I can at least enjoy the way and see what is hiding behind the next hill.’ The greenery that grew along the banks of the stream stayed largely the same, but the walls closing on it became lower and lower as they were nearing the sea. At the same time the high trees far from the stream were replaced by bushes that were becoming lower and lower, and the trees that did grow there, were low and wind beaten, all of them leaning towards away from the sea, as if they would have gotten out of this place long ago, if only their roots weren’t attached to the ground.

The sea glimmered in the bright sun and little clouds supplied some shade that gave a short rest to the eyes from time to time.

“Tell me” opened Rhoda suddenly “Do the demons have control over the weather?”

“No, your majesty.” answered Mee “It is not like creating a small thing. It is something bigger than anything that even the king of the demons could have learned since he was born to this day. Indeed every little thing that happens anywhere on the earth, in the water or in the sky makes a difference. No! It is way too complicated.” she shook her head.

“But if I will ask you to do something, like the elephant, you will be able to do it?”

“Yes, your majesty, if it will not be too complicated, and if it will be too complicated for me, then one of the other demons will be able to do it.”

“How did you know what to do? I mean how did you know I asked for the elephant?”

“Dee was near you, invisible, your majesty, and she arranged that one of us will make it and bring it to you.” answered Mee. She looked down and said “I think we have come to a good place for landing, your majesty.”

And indeed the elephant was flying now above a magnificent beach strip. The sand was wide and shone like gold under the sun’s rays, and bushes, covered with blue-purplish flowers were spread along it, supplying the beach with shadowed areas. Where the stream joined the ocean fruit trees grew at irregular distances, and between them the stream’s water was gliding towards the sea in glimmering silence, full of twinkles from the reflected sun rays and tempting shadows.

“Belshazzar!” said Rhoda “I want you to land near the stream and not end in the water!”

“Belshazzar, your majesty??” asked Mee.

“This is how I decided to call my sweet pink elephant.” laughed Rhoda. Meanwhile, Belshazzar, who clearly recognized the name as his own, turned and landed near the brook and stopped next to one of the flower-covered bushes. But before it could even start gathering flowers with its trunk (a thing it clearly planned to do since it was holding a few boughs in it) Mee said “Later! Belshazzar! First let me unpack the equipment from your back!” and a very, very, blushed Belshazzar released the boughs. (There is no other way to describe the color changes it went through – from baby pink to royal scarlet – especially around the ears).

The things were put down; the tent was erected and in it were woven carpets, spread on the sand and on them stood the couch. A table was standing near the couch and on it a variety of appetizing, fragrant and colorful fruit dishes.

Rhoda didn’t waste any time. She washed her hands and face in the stream, and sat to eat. Mee stood beside her, ready to give her additional things if she would like. When Rhoda finished she sprawled on the carpet, yawned widely and said “I am so full and sleepy and this sun is so strong. I think I will rest a little before going for a swim in the sea.” Even before she finished the sentence her eyes closed and it didn’t take long before her breath became steady and Mee understood she was asleep.

If you want to start reading the story from it’s beginning, go to “At the begining” that was published in 8/21/2014 and read on from there. If you want to have the book: http://www.amazon.com/RHODA-AMNESIA-Demons-Fantasy-adventure-ebook/dp/B00K56EQ7C



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