How long should you learn in your life?


Rhoda and Mee go on with their journey, and have some discussions.


When the elephant got back to the stream and finished drinking and bathing (again! thought Rhoda), Rhoda ordered it to stand, and Mee put all the things back on its back in her mysterious way. The canopy was also back on the elephant’s back, as if it got there on its own. Rhoda and Mee climbed on its leg and to its back and settled comfortably – Rhoda on her couch and Mee on her chair. In order to lift off, Rhoda instructed the elephant to run on the brook’s bank, since it looked that, if they depended on its choice, it would have chosen to run in the area where the water was shallow. Rhoda was certain that, if his scheme would have worked, she and Mee would have started the ride full of water and mud.

It was obvious that during the night, or maybe while he was busy eating breakfast, the elephant improved its control over the more delicate moves of flying. The takeoff was graceful (‘as far as an elephant can be graceful while taking off’ – thought Rhoda), and he turned with a wide curve to every direction which Rhoda pointed him to, without turning its back at an angle that risked those who sat on him.

“You know” said Rhoda to Mee “I think it will probably be a good idea to give my elephant a name, don’t you agree?”

“I definitely agree, your majesty!” said Mee “Do you already have an idea for a name?”

“Not even the tiniest idea.” Said Rhoda. “On one hand, he is such a respectable animal, that he deserves to be called by name as voluminous as he is. On the other hand – you really cannot call a pink elephant by a name that is too-respectable; it will be a constant insult for him.”

For some time they flew through the air in silence, looking at the big wings flapping, and at the trunk hanging downwards like a rope. After that, their looks were drawn back to the scenery that spread beneath them.

“Do you know the names of the trees that grow here?” asked Rhoda suddenly.

“Yes, your majesty.” said Mee “We, the demons, need to learn all the knowledge that there is in the world. And all kinds of knowledge that is not familiar in your world, too.”

“What kind of knowledge is it that we don’t know?”

“For example, the knowledge how to make flying pink elephants on demand.”

“Are your studies difficult?” asked Rhoda. She knew that, for her, studying wasn’t very difficult, but part of what she had to learn was very boring. She concluded it from the feeling she got when she said the word studying.

“Not so difficult, your majesty.” answered Mee “But very, very, long. You can’t be a self-respecting demon before you have learned for at least fifteen hundred years from dawn to dusk.”

“And what happens when you finish learning these fifteen hundred years?”

“It depends on the family from which the demon comes, your majesty. If he is from an important family, he has to go on learning, so as to be able to speak with the older members of his family, and that they will not find his sayings have no wisdom in them. If he comes from a common family, he joins the rest of the demons and lives his life. And if he is from the royal family, he goes on learning knowledge that we are not even allowed to know its name, and he goes on studying the whole of his life.”

“How long have you learned? And what kind of family does Dee come from? And how do the royal demons look like?” asked Rhoda in a continuum, ignoring the fact that no one can answer a number of questions at once.

“I have learned three thousand years your majesty, because I come from an important family.” said Mee proudly. “And Dee had to stop in the middle of her studies, because she was needed for taking care of you. There are not many demons that are born with the ability to be invisible as they wish, and she was really needed in the mountains, because she was the only one who could take care of you, in your condition.”

“And how do the royal demons look like?” asked Rhoda again. She didn’t notice she repeated herself.

“Like every other demon, your majesty.” answered Mee, surprised. “Do your kings have a tail? Or green hair? Or three nostrils in their nose?”

“Of course not! Our kings look exactly the same as the rest of the people. They are just dressed with much more grandeur.” answered Rhoda. Suddenly she grasped that the questions Mee asked her were quite like the questions she asked Mee, and just as ridiculous, and she burst out laughing.

If you want to start reading the story from it’s beginning, go to “At the begining” that was published 11/15 and read on from there. If you want to have the book, the digital edition is at:

Or, if you prefer a real book:


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