The deaper meaning of dreams


The whole 7th chapter, a treat for the weekend.


“I dreamed about my parents’ home.” said Rhoda to Mee after she drank the hot milk with honey and cinnamon.

“What have you seen in your dream, your majesty?” asked Mee.

“I have eight sisters, and my father had a huge house, and I was the comet, but I don’t know what are my parents’ names, or how were my sisters called, or where have I been living, nor how I got out of there. I just know that it had all started after the comet arrived.” said Rhoda, without heeding her style of speech. “I think that was the last time I was happy. Everything is somehow connected to that comet.”

“Two years ago the comet Destiny appeared, your majesty. It comes back here every seventy years.” said Mee thoughtfully.

“That means that two years ago I was still in my parents’ house.” said Rhoda. “And how long ago did you take me out of the sea?”

“I pulled you out of the sea about half a year ago, your majesty.” answered Mee.

“You mean to tell me that I was asleep half a year in the mountain palace? Such a long time?” asked Rhoda with dismay.

“At first, your majesty, you were very ill; you hallucinated because you had very high fever. It took about a month before the look in your eyes got clearer and we were able to talk with you. But then, of course, you wouldn’t speak with anyone or see anyone, and you demanded to go back to sleep, and stated you will not agree to see anyone. So we brought Dee to take care of you and we have given you the anesthetic herb.”

“Are you telling me that, for five months, I slept of my own free will, without a break?” asked Rhoda wonderingly. “No one can sleep such a long time without food and drink.”

Rhoda was sure Mee was lying to her and it made her feel very uncomfortable. She knew Mee controlled everything that happened around her one way or the other, and if she was a liar then there was no way to know what she was doing behind Rhoda’s back.

“Of course we fed you and gave you drink, your majesty.” said Mee haughtily. “But since when does a person need to be fully awake for such a thing? Everyone knows you can feed someone even when it looks as if they are fully asleep!”

Rhoda wanted to believe Mee very much. She didn’t want to live in a constant feeling of danger and doubt. If Mee is telling the truth, they may even be a little bit like friends. A little. This is why she nodded her head and told herself ‘If she wanted to hurt me then, she would have done it when I didn’t know anything that was happening to me.’

“That means that a year and a half had passed from the time the comet appeared until the day in which I almost drowned.” she said to Mee in a more placated manner.

“This is how it seems, your majesty.” said Mee and started to take the breakfast dishes to the boxes.

“When will your majesty want us to get on our way again?” she asked after all the things were put back in their places, clean.

“Now looks like a good time.” answered Rhoda, but when she looked around she saw that the pink elephant was trying to feed from the greenery that grew on the steep rocks. It reminded her of a huge hummingbird since it was trying to stay at the same height as a bush, which seemed to have a flavor it liked better than the others.

“Maybe it is advisable we wait until the elephant will finish its breakfast. This way, I think we will be safer later in the day from its attempts to eat from bushes that might be in places we will not want to visit.” She laughed, remembering the two showers she got from him the day before.

While waiting for the elephant to finish his breakfast both of them sat silently in a place draped with sun. Rhoda tried to remember what had happened after the comet arrived, in vain.

Absentmindedly she started singing ‘their song’ again:

King Midas has hands of gold

And we love our daughters many fold

Eight are as beautiful as the stars at the sky

One that will sail and far from us fly

Eight will be with us as older we grow

And one, like a comet will come back and glow”


Rhoda tried to tell herself the words again, trying to notice their meaning this time.

If this prophecy is true, if she was supposed to come back ‘like the comet’! Then it will take her another sixty eight years before she will get to see her parents again! They might even be dead long before she will come back. And even her sisters might be dead by then. And what is she supposed to do with all this endless time? Until the comet will come back she will be eighty two! What can anyone do at such an age?

Rhoda meant to ask Mee about this, when suddenly she grasped that Mee was four thousand years old! Mee lived so many years, and it didn’t seem like she was bored or miserable. Then maybe she, Rhoda, could also live forever without getting bored?

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