When dreams (or maybe nightmares) come true


The end of the sixth chapter, where we learn a little bit more about Rhoda’s past.


It was a clear night, and Rhoda gazed through the window at the numerous stars which lighted the night’s sky. The room she had slept in was totally dark, but she knew it was very wide. Around her she heard the sound of her sisters breathing. They were all sleeping soundly. She was the only one awake and didn’t know what woke her up exactly. After a few minutes of sitting quietly in her bed, Rhoda decided to go outside, to the big garden that their bedroom window was open to.

She had a special tree in the garden that she loved very much. Its branches were arranged in a way that enabled her to climb it as if they were steps, up to a wooden platform that her father’s gardeners had built according to her request. Rhoda had asked mattresses, carpets and blankets be put out on it. And she spent almost every free hour she had up on that tree, reading books and chewing fruits. Their stones and cores were put neatly into a basket, which was hanging from the edge of the platform’s surface.

To her tree she went now, climbed on its boughs to her platform, wrapped a blanket around her and reclined on the heap of soft mattresses. She lay on her back and looked through a gap in the boughs, towards the sky. The stars looked closer than ever and Rhoda tried to count how many of them she could see, caught between the tree boughs. While counting she quietly sang a tune.

After the hundredth time she was not sure if she counted that specific star or hadn’t, Rhoda stopped abruptly, and started singing ‘their’ song in a low voice:

“King Midas has hands of gold

And we love our daughters many fold

Eight are as beautiful as the stars at the sky

One that will sail and far from us fly

Eight will be with us as older we grow

And one, like a comet will come back and glow”


Rhoda knew that she was the comet in the song and very much liked being the special daughter. She knew this song, which was her eldest sister’s age, since she was born. Even before their first daughter was born, her father and mother called the astrologers and asked them to read the stars and tell them how many children they will have, and what will happened to them. The song was written in accordance with the astrologers’ prophecy.

Rhoda went on singing to herself and staring at the far sky, when suddenly she saw, close to the horizon a particularly bright and big star, which had a very long tail trailing it and crossing the sky. ‘MY star!’ she thought happily. ‘At last, the time for my life to begin had arrived’.

The star’s light became stronger and stronger, and brighter and brighter, until her eyes started to ache and she had to shut them. And then she woke up suddenly, to find Mee standing next to her, with her morning drink and the sun burning straight into her eyes.

If you want to start reading the story from it’s beginning, go to “At the begining” that was published in 15.11.2014 and read on from there. If you want to have the book, the digital edition is at:


Hopefully there will be a hard copy edition soon:)


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