Only more questions


Some more of the 6th chapter, before we fall asleep again..

She woke up suddenly, wet to the bone from another splash of the elephant washing itself (again! she thought) using his trunk. The fire still burned warmly and she went close to it. ‘This man! Again!’ she thought. ‘I am certain that I was kidnapped, probably to be sold as a servant to someone. But what was I doing on the first ship? And how long was I held captive with them? And how did I get free and come here?’ All her body shook under the combined influence of the dream and the shower the elephant had given her, and she looked around her with considerable fear. She didn’t see Mee and felt alone and frightened, but then she heard loud breathing from the tent, and when she looked inside she saw Mee, fast asleep. The breathing sound and the sight of Mee sleeping calmed Rhoda, as she didn’t want to feel alone just then.

She went on thinking about her two dreams. ‘Mee told me that she took me out of the sea, where I was drowning, and that she took the box and the grandfather clock because I asked her to. In my first dream I was just kidnapped and in the second dream they were going to sell me. That means I was probably drowning when I was on my way to be sold, otherwise they wouldn’t have needed my things to be with me. I wonder how much time passed between the two events.’ She tried to think what else she could learn about herself from what she heard and dreamed until now, but she didn’t manage to conclude anything else. She will have to hear more from Mee, and maybe discover more through her dreams before she could know more about herself.

Rhoda looked at the embers in the fire. She was a little afraid to go back to sleep, since she feared she will dream about that dreadful man again. On the other hand, she felt her eyes were closing on their own, and if she will stay near the fire it is certain that she will go back to the dream that she was only too happy to have left behind. She wasn’t sure the elephant finished taking all the showers it felt were needed for the night, and she surely didn’t want to share another shower with it tonight. Therefore she got up from her place, rubbed her eyes, and went to sleep on the sofa in the tent, which stood not too far from Mee’s bed. Mee went on breathing very noisily, and Rhoda thought it was good, because this way she will not feel too alone. She looked out through the tent’s opening at the stars that were shining in the sky and at the sparks, which flew up and high before they were extinguished suddenly. She enjoyed tracking their curved course in the air, and was sorry every time they went out suddenly, without managing to join the stars in the sky.


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