A glimps of the past


The beginning of the sixth chapter


The light and the fire very much appealed to Rhoda, but she already knew that the place near the fire belonged to the blond leader and his gang, and if she wanted to avoid getting a good beating again, she had to serve them quietly and to not even give a hint that she wanted anything. This was the only way to have them all fall asleep before drunkenness would make them even more rude, noisy and wild.

She hated each and every one of them, personally, and all of them as a group, generally. If her hate could have done something to them, they would all have been lying dead a long time ago. She knew the only reason they didn’t abuse her more, is their wish to sell her as a slave, on one of the islands they were going to. There was great demand there for educated, pretty slaves and they could get a better price for her if they made sure she eats properly, and if she keeps looking good. She knew they were keeping all her belongings, which they took off her ship, in order to be able to raise the price they got for her – after all she is royalty, not just anyone, and there is proof – her clothes and her belongings.

She didn’t know how long it will take them before they would sail again to one of the islands, but in the meantime they were definitely using her thoroughly. Many things she had never even imagined that needed doing, she was the one who had to do them now. She almost vomited when she remembered the chamber pots, full of excrement and vomit, which she had to empty and wash, but only after she had carried them to the beach, because she was not going to throw that disgusting stuff into the brook they were drinking from. Another shudder went through her body, and a piece of wood split in the fire, the sound of it made her jitter. The blond turned to her and shouted: “Hey! Prinzess! Where’s my drink?” She hurried to him, wishing in her heart the most agonizing death for him. When she got near him, he grabbed her wrist boorishly and said mockingly “How sad prinzess that we have to part so soon.”

Her heart skipped a beat, and she must have gone pale because all of the gang broke into drunken laughs, and one of them threw a piece of meat at her and said – “Eat! Eat! The one who buys you wouldn’t want a skeleton as his slave!” She threw the meat away from her with disgust. It was good that there were a lot of fruit in the forest around the camp, or she would have starved to death. But then all the others thought it was a really good joke and started throwing at her more and more pieces of half eaten food. She didn’t dare move, because she knew any attempt to move that she made, would only make her situation worse. And then one of them emptied his glass on her head.


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