Rough landing


The end of the 5th chapter. The book is on amazon…

After some time of looking around worriedly, Rhoda started to fear that there was a great probability they will not be able to land at all. The earth was covered with more and more trees, and as they neared the sea, the size of the trees grew bigger and bigger. She looked for a moment at the sun, which seemed to insist on setting really fast, and another moment at the earth, which seemed to insist on becoming thicker and thicker with forest and cracks. Suddenly Rhoda called out in fear. The sun got to the horizon and started to sink into the far away sea. The light went down fast, and still no surface, big enough for landing for an inexperienced elephant, presented itself. It seemed that the elephant was getting tired too, because it started to fly lower and lower. It looked as if it was planning to crash into one of the gorges that cut the surface. But then Rhoda understood what it was looking for. “Fly above the gorge!” she ordered the elephant with a shout. The elephant changed direction heavily to the right and started to fly above one of the gorges. On both sides of the stream the earth was flat to some distance, and only then the walls started to rise steeply higher to the height of the wooded plateau.

“Land on the stream’s bank!” ordered Rhoda, “But carefully! I don’t want to land in the water!”

With wings flapping in a way you could never call graceful the elephant decelerated, lowering down, until his legs hit the ground. Then, he went on running heavily on the water edge, a long distance, until he managed to stop with only his front feet in the water. He then lowered his trunk and filled it with water, inclined it towards its head and sprayed it with a strong jet, straight at the surprised Mee and Rhoda. Both of them were so surprised that neither of them managed to do anything about it. But when it filled its trunk a second time and started to lift it up again Rhoda shouted “Stop spraying!” and the elephant took down its trunk hesitatingly and filled its mouth with water.

“It probably thinks I didn’t wash myself this morning properly.” laughed Rhoda. The fact they managed to land safely made her think that everything that happened was just wonderful.

“Come on Mee, the tent needs to be built, a fire needs to be burning, and we need to sit, get dry and eat before we die of starvation and cold.”

Mee turned towards the elephant and instantly the tent stood ready, with a cheerful fire blazing and crackling. And on it stood a steaming teapot that spread cinnamon and honey fragrance all around it. The elephant, which was now free from all the stuff on its back, stood in the middle of the brook and splashed streams of water onto its back. It was clear that this is what it craved the whole day long.

After dinner Rhoda went for a swim in the brook, and came back to dry near the fire. Her entire body felt as if the place she should really be in right now, was the bed in the tent, but she wanted to enjoy the fire for some more time, so she stretched herself near it. It didn’t take long before her breath became peaceful and steady and Mee could note to herself, satisfactorily, that her majesty went to sleep without coming back to the dangerous question that led to the tiring afternoon they had experienced.


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