Can you imagine something that does not exsist?


Another part of the 5th chapter. The book (RHODA The Demons’ Queen) is still on sale in Amazon…

The minute she pointed at that direction, the pink elephant stretched out its wings and lifted off the ground. For a moment Rhoda was very frightened. It was clear to her that it will take no time for the canopy and all that’s in it, including herself, to fall straight to the ground. The elephant flight was quite lanky; something that shouldn’t have surprised her, considering the fact no elephant had ever flown before. But after a few minutes it looked as if the elephant started to control its movements, and Rhoda started to enjoy herself and the sights that were unfolding in front of her.

They flew for some time in silence, the only noise to be heard was the elephant’s large wings flapping. From time to time, the elephant would trumpet loudly through its trunk, mostly when there were birds around. Usually the birds got so frightened from the trumpeting that they dived like stones towards the ground, to avoid the scary thing. But after some time Rhoda felt that she would like to know more about whatever Mee could tell her.

“I would like to know more about your people.” she said “What can they do and what they can’t. I mean – how is it that when I asked for a pink elephant, it showed up? Indeed there is no such animal.”

“If the thing your majesty asked for is somewhere, even in pieces, in all kinds of strange animals, we can put it together for you. If your majesty was to ask for something that was absent from the world – then we would have a problem. On the other hand – if it was something that was absent from the world – your majesty would not have been able to imagine it and ask for it, because you wouldn’t know how to give a name to what you want.”

Rhoda tried to think about something that is not in the world and ask for it, to check if Mee was right about what she said. But as much as she let her imagination run wild, she always had to admit to herself that everything she imagined was some kind of combination between parts of animals or things that existed. After a few failed attempts, she had to admit to herself (she didn’t think this out loud off course, as she didn’t want to seem like an idiot in front of Mee) that she apparently really couldn’t think about a thing that is not already in the world. But she promised herself not to give up too easily, and try and think of something, on another opportunity.

“And how is it that you live for so many years?” she asked after getting tired of trying to imagine something that does not exist.

“We can live almost forever. You need to be a very powerful thing to be able to kill us, your majesty. Even King Solomon, who was the wisest man who ever lived, couldn’t do it. On the other hand, maybe he didn’t really want to, because what he did do to us, was terrible enough.” Mee was actually shaking when she said those things, and Rhoda got instantly curious “What did he do to you?”

It seemed that Mee suddenly got frightened. Rhoda wasn’t sure what scared Mee, so she looked around worriedly and asked “What is it? What have you seen?”

Mee looked around her for a moment wonderingly, and after that, it seemed she relaxed.

“It is very late already, and the elephant might lose its strength suddenly, when we will be at a place not suitable for landing, your majesty.” she said.

Rhoda looked at the sun. It was past its highest point and was starting to slope downward towards the sea. Of the sea, they could see little now – something that looked like a thin glimmering blue line in the distance. She looked down and saw that the landscape beneath them was split by gorges that had streams at their bottoms, and between them the land was covered with thick greenery, which at least partly consisted of high trees. She understood that Mee was right and they needed to find a landing place that will be wide enough for her elephant, which didn’t have much experience with take offs and landings, to manage landing without causing too much damage to himself or them.

“Look everywhere and check if you can see a proper place for landing. It must be big enough for an inexperienced elephant to land, without dying in the process. And I will look too.” said Rhoda hurriedly, and did not notice the sigh of relief Mee exhaled – very quietly. It was clear that what bothered Mee was not where they were going to land. The question Rhoda asked left her mind completely. All that bothered her right now was where they could land.


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