Some meditation


The begining of the 4th chapter


Rhoda reclined on her bed and looked out of the window, at the blooming jasmine bush, when she had thought about it she discovered that she wasn’t really tired, but she needed to try and understand who and what she is. She had a feeling that it would be best if she did not  hear everything at once, so as to have enough time to understand everything she learned about herself.

It was clear to Rhoda that she had gained control of all the demons somehow, and something from the things that happened to her, was so dreadful that it made her want to have no connection to her fellow humans, and maybe made her forget what happened to her altogether.

The smell of jasmine made breathing pleasant, and the soft twilight shone into the room through the big window. She went to sit on the windowsill and looked outside into the garden, which had fruit trees and flowers in it. Here and there, she saw shady booths like the one she had sat in this morning, and throughout the garden she saw peacocks and groups of deer walking freely around. For a moment she thought to herself ‘Why should I bother to search something that might not exist anymore, instead of living peacefully in this lovely place?’ But she knew that if she will not try to find out, she could never be restful, and the questions who is she? Who are her parents? Where did she come from? And how has she come to this place? will never stop gnawing at her mind. She stayed on the windowsill looking into the distance, thinking about one thing and then another, closing her eyes from time to time, to protect them from the strong rays of the setting sun that shone right into them, and didn’t notice that she had fallen asleep sitting near the window.


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