A dream and a song


The end of the 4th chapter, where Rhoda gets a first glimps of her past


“Leave me! Don’t you know who I am? My father will inflict on you such a punishment that you will regret it until your last day!” Rhoda shouted with rage. But the blue eyed and clean shaven man ignored her and moved her on his shoulders beyond the ship railing. Beneath her, only a short distance, she saw a smaller ship than the one she was on, and before she managed to shout anything she was thrown rudely to its deck.

Rhoda woke up in panic, her neck hurt from the blow she got while hitting the deck. Ah! No! The pain was simply caused from her uncomfortable position on the windowsill. It was a dream. But such a real dream! And it had a ship in it! And Mee told her that she took her out of the sea. So there must be a connection between the dream and the things she didn’t remember. ‘What did I tell this person about my father? He must be an important man if he can punish other people. And what was I doing on the first ship? It looked much nicer than the ship that I fell into.’

It was clear to Rhoda that the dream really happened, and she felt sorry that she woke up before she discovered more. On the other hand, her neck really hurt, so she went to her bed and breathed deeply the scent of the jasmine.

Through the window, the night sky was decorated with thousands of stars. She looked on the pendent that was again on her neck. Two half moons and around them eight stars and one comet… ‘I wonder what it stands for.’ she thought while her eyes closed and the pendent slipped from her hand.



King Midas has hands of gold

And we love our daughters many fold

Eight are as beautiful as the stars at the sky

One that will sail and far from us fly

Eight will be with us as older we grow

And one, like a comet will come back and glow”


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