Some questions that cant be answered


The end of the second chapter. sometimes, there are things we can’t get even if we are queens…

It seemed as if Mee was not afraid to tell her anything anymore, about what had happened to her, so Rhoda tried to ask again in regard to that.

“Then who am I? Who is my family? From where did I get here?”

“I can’t tell you, your majesty; because you hadn’t told us the first time you called us. And even I can’t tell you who your family is, though I was the one who took you out of the sea. You had almost drowned, when I saved you, and took you to the mountain palace.” It looked as if Mee was telling her the truth, and she really doesn’t know anything.

“The clothes I wore when I slept on the grass outside, where are they from? Were they with me when I arrived?” Asked Rhoda.

“They weren’t with you when I saved you, but a similar suit was in the big trunk that I took out of the sea. You asked that all of your belongings will be saved,” answered Mee.

“And what other things were saved?” asked Rhoda, though she was sure the grandfather clock was one of them.

“The big clock you saw in the dining room was in the trunk too, and many clothes that were mostly decorated with the moon and stars, your majesty. You also had a necklace with a pendant of half a moon, eight stars and one comet, which had the name Rhoda on its tail, which is how we knew your name, during the long time you wouldn’t talk to us at all.”

“Where is that necklace now? Why isn’t it on my neck?” Rhoda didn’t like the feeling that she might have lost her only connection with her past. She felt really stressed.

“It is in the small chest of drawers in your room, your majesty” said Mee and was quite surprised when Rhoda jumped up and commanded hastily “quick! Take me to my room at once!”

“As you wish, your majesty.” answered Mee and dashed to open the door before Rhoda, who had actually ran. Rhoda hurried so much that she didn’t wait for Mee, and got one of the turns wrong. She entered a dark room, which had a square closet made of glass in its center, and inside of it was a very delicately ornamented crown, engraved with images of dancing girls, holding flower arrangements in their hands. The flowers were made of colorful gems, and they all looked exactly the same except for the color of the flowers they were holding. Rhoda stopped, surprised. “What is this?” she asked with wonder.

“This is the crown King Solomon gave to the queen of Sheba. This is your crown, your majesty.” It seemed as if Mee was looking at it, admiringly, too.

“It is beautiful. And who is the queen of Sheba?” Rhoda has completely forgotten she meant to run to her room for her necklace. She was very curious.

“Who is King Solomon you know, of course, your majesty.” said Mee, not exactly properly.

“Yes, of course, King Solomon was the wisest man there ever was. I remember that.” said Rhoda, even though it wasn’t clear to her where she knew that from.

“And your majesty doesn’t know the story of what happened to him with the queen of Sheba?” asked Mee with a trace of disappointment in her voice.

“To tell you the truth – no.” said Rhoda level–headedly. “You mustn’t forget that I don’t remember even things about myself, so how can I remember things about other people?”

“You are right!” answered Mee shortly. “Then I will remind you, your majesty”.


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