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This is the beginning of the second chapter of “Rhoda – the Demons’ Queen”

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While she ate her dinner, she sat and stared at the big standing grandfather clock which stood exactly in front of her. She noticed that its glass door was ornamented the same way her clothes were ornamented before. Here too, there were the two half-moons and around them the same eight stars and one comet between them.

The servant near the table was a new one, so she turned to her and asked her “What’s your name?”

“Dee, your majesty.”

“And how old are you?”

“Two thousand and fifty seven, your majesty.”

“And since when have you been working in the palace?”

“Since you came here, your majesty.”

“And when did that happen?” Rhoda understood that this servant would hide much less things from her, because she didn’t think so long before each answer, and until now she didn’t seem so embarrassed from the questions. Maybe that’s what happens if you are just two thousand and fifty seven years old and not almost four thousand years old.

“This afternoon your majesty, when you asked for the palace with servants, I came to serve you here. But I took care of you at the mountain palace, from the time you came …” Here Mee came into the dining room and called to Dee “Dee! You are neglecting your duty, look! Her majesty has finished eating and you had not brought her water to wash her hands!” She came close to Rhoda and said “I am so sorry your majesty, for Dee’s insolence, she is still new to her duty and I didn’t have the time to instruct her properly, because I had to inform the gardeners and the guards of your commands.”

Rhoda was certain that she saw Mee looking with admonishment at Dee, and thought that she saw her signaling something to Dee impatiently. She was afraid that Dee would not speak to her as freely as she talked just now, and that all the other servants will be instructed not to tell her things. But since she discovered something, she decided to push her luck a little bit more and asked Mee “Where is the palace in the mountains?”

Mee blushed deeply “The palace in the mountains is in the mountains of course, your majesty.” She answered, but she knew that she would not be able to evade the next question.

“In which mountains? What is the name of the mountains the palace is in? How long does it take to get to them?” Rhoda asked impatiently.

“The palace is in the Nightfall mountains” answered Mee with a sigh, “They are at the edge of your kingdom, your majesty, and it takes about three weeks to get to them. But we can’t go there now, because the roads that go there are flooded, and the whole area is being struck with heavy storms. Only when autumn comes to this area of your kingdom – summer will come to the mountain palace of your majesty, and it will be approachable.”

“If it is not possible to get from that palace to this place, because there are such big storms there, then how did I get here today? And how did Dee come to be in the palace I have asked about?”

Rhoda felt that she had enough of Mee’s evasions. She wanted to get clear answers to her questions, and she wanted them fast!

Mee looked quite broken. It was clear that she would herself prefer be in the far mountain palace, and not to have to answer such precise questions.

“Your majesty must be very tired.” she said irrespectively. “And the tent is located near the jasmine, as you asked.”

“Don’t try to avoid answering my question!” Rhoda almost shouted.

“Yes, of course, your majesty. Only it might take too long and you might prefer to hear everything at once, and in an orderly manner, tomorrow morning.” It was clear that she knew she would have to tell much more than what was asked now, because there will be a lot more questions after she starts to explain.

“You can start now! I have certainly slept enough for one day, and if you get tired, you can arrange that there will be another servant here, who will know to answer the questions you think I will have, because of what you tell me.” Rhoda felt that she was not exactly expressing herself as royalty, but she comforted herself with the thought of how she will have a long time to get it right, at least four thousand years. Unless she will live for a shorter time than her servants.


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