…At Home…


If you just joined us, I think you would be better starting at the post “At the begining” from november 15, because this is where the story begins.

Any way, this is the third , and last part, of the first chapter of  “Rhoda – the demons queen” which is available at Amazon. I will post the second chapter (or part of it) tomorrow (hopefully, if I will have some energy when I come back home…)


…At home…

Something like a trace of a smell came up, too evasive to be caught, but she was certain something in the air reminded of the fragrance of her home. She hid her excitement from Mee and said with a critical note: “what is this smell? Where does it come from?”

Mee sniffed the air with interest and then said dismissively “Oh, this? It’s just jasmine. It now blossoms all over the land, and when evening comes, the air is filled with it, your majesty. There is a jasmine bush just under your bedroom window, and now that evening is near its flowers open up and the wind carries the smell inside.”

Surprised, Rhoda looked through the window outside and discovered that evening was indeed near, and that it won’t take long before darkness will cover everything. In that case, there is no point in starting out today, as she will see nothing outside anyway. But she didn’t want to sleep inside, in the unfamiliar palace. She told Mee authoritatively: “Tell the servants to erect the tent outside. I want to sleep outside tonight, near the jasmine bush, by myself! And I don’t want anyone to come near the tent all night. Is it clear?!

Mee looked at her with some doubt. “Your majesty is, of course, right.” she said, “it is just that at night the gardeners work in the garden, to keep it beautiful, without disturbing your majesty’s enjoyment of its splendors during the day.”

“In that case” said Rhoda forcefully “I command that no one will work in the garden tonight!”

“Yes, your majesty” said Mee with a weak sigh. “As you wish.”

After Mee left the room, Rhoda took a big breath of relief and decided to go around the palace to start learning about its contents, since she was not going on her planned trip anyway. She decided to send from her presence every servant who might come near her, and reminded herself that, afterwards, she wanted to try and remember how the words ‘your wish is my command’ come to her knowledge in the past, and what is it, in her past, that’s connected to the smell of jasmine.

When she was near the door it opened suddenly, and again came Mee through it, carrying a new set of clothes, colored blue like the sky when the evening begins to fall, but this suit was free of ornamentations and made up of a shirt and a skirt.

“I brought your majesty clean garments for your evening meal.” she said, and came to Rhoda to help her change from her morning clothes. Rhoda let Mee dress her up in her evening clothes. She was certain that, in the house where she grew up, she had servants that helped her get dressed, because she was accustomed to and felt very comfortable with the process. When she finished dressing, she went after Mee as she turned to leave the room.

She looked around her as they crossed room after room with speed, and managed to see almost nothing since Mee was moving too fast for that. She didn’t want to tell Mee to slow down because she didn’t want Mee to suspect that she is trying to learn about the things she has lost and forgotten, but she concentrated on memorizing the turns they made, so as to be able to go back to these rooms later and check them.

When they entered the big dining hall, a big standing grandfather clock, which was positioned near the wall opposite her, caught her eye. It was the most beautiful time piece she had ever seen, and the most familiar. But again, the memory was hovering at the back of her consciousness, and she put it aside with the other things that needed thinking about, at a later time.

At dinner she was served with fresh crispy bread, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and a variety of cheeses. She ate with great appetite because, as she thought to herself, there is no point in starving yourself to death just because you don’t have a clue who you are? Where are you? How have you gotten here? Where have you come from? Why did you come here? And how are you supposed to find your way back to your parents’ house…?


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