At the begining


Since I don’t find time or inclination to write new things about Rhoda, I decided to start posting it’s chapters, one after the other.

O.K. only part of the first one, because it’s a long one.


The Demons’ Queen Amnesia

King Midas has hands of gold

And we love our daughters many fold

Eight are as beautiful as the stars at the sky

One that will sail and far from us fly

Eight will be with us as older we grow

And one, like a comet will come back and glow”



On a hot summer’s day, with the burning sun in a cloudless sky, Rhoda found herself lying on her back in a place she didn’t know at all, with nothing around her but endless fields of grass, scattered with trees heavily laden with fruit. When she tried to recall how she had reached this place, she discovered she remembered almost nothing except for her name.

She tried to find out about herself by looking at her clothes: a pair of wide white trousers, gathered at the ankles with colorful fancywork embroidered with a pattern of two half moons surrounded by stars. She counted how many stars were there. Eight stars surrounding the moons. One of which looked like a little comet. The shirt she wore was wide and white too, and around the edges of her sleeves, there was the same embroidery of the half moons and stars. On her finger, she had a simple gold ring, and no other ornament or jewelry.

She tried to think what the patterns on her clothes could mean, and tried again to remember where she came from. All in vain. Since she was hungry and thirsty, she decided to go to one of the fruit trees and pick herself something to eat. The nearest tree was an apple tree laden with red-green apples. ‘Lovely,’ Rhoda thought to herself ‘my favorite’. And after a moment she thought with relief ‘good! At least I remember some personal details about myself’.

After picking and eating a few apples, she said aloud “And now I would like to eat some figs.” and went to the closest tree. It had ripe sweet figs on it, just as she wanted. She ate from it for a while and became thirsty. “I am so thirsty.” she said, and immediately heard the sound of trickling water coming from the direction of a third tree. Underneath it she found a cold, clear spring with a little pool just wide enough to swim, just the thing you need on a hot summer’s day like this.

After she had not only drank from the spring, but also jumped into it to refresh herself (only after she checked that there was still no one to be seen around), she said “now, all I need is something to rest upon.” When she looked around to find a place to rest, she saw, not far from her, a grape arbor, and beneath it a cushioned bench. She was certain that they weren’t there when she had looked around before. This time, she understood that there is something bewitched in the place she was in.

“I want to go back to my home.” she said out loud and waited to see what her home will look like. Nothing happened.

“I want a magnificent palace standing in front of me, and in it servants who will take care of me.” she said this time, and there, in front of her stood the palace.

“I want to see my mother.” she said. Nothing happened.

“I want to have a flying elephant, with an antique-pink color.” And in front of her, flying tenderly in the air, was the stupidest looking pink elephant she could have imagined.

“O.K., I understand” she said out loud. “I can’t wish for anything that is connected with my past, but can get anything else that I want.”

Since it was so, and since she was tired anyway, and didn’t remember anything from her past, she went to the palace that stood there, told the servant that opened the door to take her to her room, and went to sleep.


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