When you have made someone really happy!


So today I met Pooh Bear at a completely different cafe. It is very important to have a difference between your working place – square tables, every two tables attached to each other, really tasty food. And you pleasure place – round tables, each to his own, really tasty food (though I am not certain it is as tasty as the work-cafe food).

Before we met, I went and printed the new version of the book with the cover illustration on the cover, and had it bound. This way Pooh can scribble all over the new version, without being distracted by his old scribbles. I wrote a dedication on the old version. If the book will live long enough, it might be interesting to see where it had begun.

When I handed Pooh the two books his eyes shone.

I would have thought that anyone who wrote this in a story – was somewhat exaggerating, but I saw it with my own eyes. I couldn’t stop smiling, It was so beautiful!

It is now very late in the evening, and still I have a smile on my face.

I wish I could have made someone as happy as that every day!


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