Who? Me?


Yesterday I discovered the part that says ‘About’ in the blog.

I went to my ‘about’ and understood that there is nothing there. (At least nothing that I wrote) So I went to my book page on Amazon and copied the biography part. (I know I should have written something new, but it was the end of a laundry day, and I didn’t feel like sharing new things with the world)

In my about page I also managed to put a link to the book that made me start writing this blog (I’m new to this blogging staff – only three days old, so there!) and after the necessary preparations I went to bed.

When I was almost asleep it suddenly hit me: Whoever goes into this blog thinks it is the place of ‘RHODA – THE DEMONS QUEEN’ and might have something along the line of the film Fried Green Tomatoes and the war cry of Idgie Threadgoode (which I don’t remember well enough to quote) in mind.

I was amused.

I asked my husband “Did you know you were married to Rhoda – the demons queen?”

He said – “The only part that’s new to me is that your name is Rhoda.”


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