Laundry Day


At least at the beginning of the morning posting my first blog has worked and I managed to go on with Rhoda. But life is full of things like washing machines and laundry and food and other stuff, and when I went back to the writing-table, I discovered that I lost her, at least for now.

I want to stress that I don’t complain about life’s chores, I think of them in a way I learned in the one class I went to of philosophy at the university. I was very young when I went there as a free listener, and the lecturer, that I don’t remember his name was talking about the language philosophers, that complain about their inability to deal with the meaning of words in a language without using words to describe it. Then he said “it is like a bird, complaining about the friction of the air, she claims that if there was no air, she would have been able to fly much faster, because there would have been no friction. What she is forgetting is that the friction is what makes flying possible. If there was no friction, there was no flying.”

He then went on to say “It is like a kite, wanting to get free of its string. He thinks that if the string will be cut, he will be able to fly away, free from any restraint. Actually, it is the opposite, of course. The only thing that gives the kite its ability to fly is the connection to earth the sting gives him.”

I think the same about all the things we need to do in our everyday life, that are monotonous and repeating themselves and are the things connecting us to life in its base form. When we don’t have them around us, we tend to lose our ability to create new things, because the base is missing.

I know it is not exactly what you expected to find when you came here. But I am trying to seduce Rhoda to come back to my hands, so I write something completely different and unconnected  to her! Hoping she won’t notice it is actually all about her.

Have a good laundry day 🙂



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