What does she do next?


Welcome to Rhoda’s place.

I hope to use it as a way for you to keep in touch while Rhoda’s adventures are being chronicled by your humble servant. As well as when they keep themself away from me.

It came to life because of something that happened after I published the first book:

I let my (distant) family members read my first published book – Rhoda – the Demons Queen.


They read it very quickly, to my great surprise, and called to say how much they enjoyed it (naturally)

Then, one of them said “but it stopped in the middle! What happened next?”

I decided to finish the book at this spot, because when I got there I understood I have two options: to stop there, and go on writing a second (and probably a third, and maybe even a fourth) book, telling what happened next. Or I could go on writing the story, and then I would have had an enormous book, that even I might find too heavy to carry around.

Since I have been writing in the last month the beginning of the next book, I thought it will be all right for my (few) readers to wait for it, but after that comment I became paralyzed. I just couldn’t go on writing, with this pressure over my head.

In the past days I have done everything but writing. And since I can’t go on with the story, I decided to write about it…

I hope it will free my head, and enable me to move forward with the story , or at least make me feel better with not going on with the story, because I have other, more pressing occupations..

If you find a lot of new blogs here, you may be certain there is silence in the battlefield of the book.

That’s life.

Ya – El



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